Stealing Is Art

A favorite hobby of mine is stealing.

Not borrowing. That assumes I'll give it back.

calvin and hobbes dorm room wall

Stolen! (for personal admiration, not sale)

If I see an idea worth swiping, I won't hesitate. If I hadn't stolen, there wouldn't be this in my dad's office, or this print hanging on someone's wall across the country. 

I have to steal; my artistic life depends on it. I take the best ideas of other artists, designers, photographers, and writers alike. Even artists that eventually transcended their genre lifted from somewhere—van Gogh from Monet and Pissarro, Warhol from Rauschenberg and Johns, Edison from Tesla (and dozens of forgotten unpaid interns).

Of course, there's a line; stealing is different than copying—that's a big no-no.

And so I do what artist, writer, and inspiration Austin Kleon told me to do—steal. I steal from him plenty too. 

Things start to click when you collaborate, compare, and yes, steal, from artists, designers, writers, and tv shows alike. Art is just like human relationships: no social contact and the soul withers.  

And there's no fun in soulless art.

Where do you find your passion?


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