There's (Bonsai) Treasure Everywhere

calvin and hobbes treasure everywhere

Calvin has the right vision for the world, and he's only six!

"The map says there's a huge hole here, so I guess we start digging!"

If there's no treasure where the map says there is, make it so!

Finding magic-like inspiration becomes exponentially easier once you realize that it's everywhere! It's in the dinosaur-shaped cloud in the sky, the tree that looks like a hitchhiker by the side of the road, or the bush that seems to waddle with the wind. 

Why search for magic when you can let it come to you?

Toddlers are the original explorers; they columbus through life, treating everything like it's the first time they're seeing it—which it is. Getting stuck in life's weeds isn't so bad when you're seeing every plant for the first time and whoa does that flower look like the sun? Wonder what it's called...

How do you remember to see the magic happening all around you?

art is style calvin and hobbes

The reminder I drew for my wall.

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